Who we are, and what we do.

Sound Synergy Inc is a professional team of custom installers, technicians & programmers  that can handle all of your Audio/Video Electronics and Control System needs.  

Anything from a simple service call to get your Satellite TV playing again... and your Surround Sound System performing the way it should... to simply adding a Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, and Wireless Music Streaming to the equipment you already have.... or design and install a whole new system from scratch.  

We can mount your Flat Screen TV, add In-Ceiling Speakers to your whole house or yacht, setup a network to handle your communication needs, install a set of surveillance cameras ..... even program a custom remote or iPad/Android Tablet to control all of the equipment in your Audio/Video System.  

Sound Synergy can even complete a total refit replacing every component in every area of your residence, business, or marine vessel.  All of our work is performed professionally, in a clean and timely manner. Using proven products & equipment that do what they are supposed to.

Sound Synergy Inc. can be found installing impressive Audio/Video Electronics projects in & around many high-end homes and marine vessels in the South Florida area.


About the founder of Sound Synergy Inc.

Sound Synergy Inc. was founded in 2013 by its president Gino Ferrara. Gino first showed a passion for audio/video electronics when he was a child. As a young boy he started building audio systems in his bedroom. Over the years as he and his passion grew, Gino continued to adapt his love for electronics to other areas of his life. In middle school Gino was known to have the latest gadgets...from the newest pager or personal organizer, to a universal remote control watch that he purchased with birthday money. By the time he was in high school, Gino had made a name for himself installing & tuning audio systems for automobiles.

After high school, Gino spent years working as a contractor & commercial artist. His natural ability to use tools, and understand how things are built allowed him to integrate many different aspects into his projects. It was during these years that Gino discovered his second passion.....being a craftsman.

In 2006 Gino survived a near fatal motorcycle accident. Having to overcome his multiple injuries, and learn to walk again, Gino's perspective of life changed forever. Since that tragic event, he believes that happiness is a choice and that everyday is a good day. It is that same positive attitude that he implements whenever taking on a project.

In late 2009 with the encouragement of a life long friend, Gino decided to combine his passions for electronics & craftsmanship, and became a professional Audio/Video Installer in the marine industry. Instantly his fabricating, carpentry & painting skills made him stand out from the other A/V installers in the industry.

After over 4 years of making a name for himself by lending his talents & experience to many other A/V companies, completing countless successful A/V projects... Gino moved forward with making his vision a reality, and started Sound Synergy Inc.